Our Observations

Team Observation

While we were there, we saw many eateries and pubs littering one side of the Singapore River. Also there were many high-rise office buildings too, which would explain the often sight of many middle age office workers in suits along the Singapore River. Occasional we would see some people running or walking their pets along the Singapore River as a form of Leisure exercise. There were also a few tourists who were walking along the Singpore River or having a boat tour through the it. From what we saw, we can conclude that the Present-day Singapore River is one that is a business central, tourist attraction and a place to hang out all in one.

While working on this task, our group has to split up to finish the job faster. I went with
Victor to the museum. It has taught me lots. I now know more on the tribes and
civilizations in Singapore past. The most enjoyable part of this trip would probably be
taking photos of the artifacts. They just looked beautiful. A real piece of art and culture right
in front of my eyes, and I get the chance to learn more about it. That feeling is great.
Although we did a good job and collected whatever was needed, there is always room for
improvement. First of all, we could have planned earlier, like the day before, before
meeting up in Raffles Place. We then would know what we exactly need to do and be
prepared for the trip. Also, all of us could put in more effort to meeting up earlier. We
reason we had to split up into 2 groups to finish the task is due to late planning and arrival.
We can definitely improve on that. Lastly, we could read up on our tasks properly in the
future. We did not read all of the tasks properly and had to make sacrifices to finish them.
Overall, this has been a fruitful trip and I hope that SST would organize more of these

Well, I think we had a fun time during this learning journey and we had gained a lot of experience from this. To me, I enjoyed the whole journey. Taking photos, walking alongside the river, looking at artifacts at the museum. I had enjoy all of them. Well, the biggest challenge was the time constrain. As 2 of our group members, including me had to go for a soccer match. We had to hurry and also had to split up the job, we managed to finish the whole journey before expected time and thus we had more time to do things we did not do. For me, I went for the trail down the Singapore river and after that I has a bit of time to browse through some of the artifacts at the museum.  I think that we can prepare more before the task in carried out. As we only planned when we met at the MRT and I think that SST could post this tasks a few days earlier so that we can plan the trip before hand.


This whole trip has been a very enjoyable one and I have learnt a considerable amount of information on the history of the Singapore River and the Ancient Civilizations. The thing I enjoyed the most was looking through the history of the Singapore River in the Ancient Civilization museum as  just having walked along the river. I can see how the river evolved from last time.  One of difficulty we had was that 2 of our group member had to leave earlier. With 2 of our group member having to go earlier, we split the work for one group to go to the museum, while another group will walk along the Singapore river observing the different aspects of the river. Although we had a lack of time, we still managed to have time to discuss what we have seen and observe and also to read more on the history of the Singapore River If there was one area I could improve was the reading of the instruction posted on the google site.  This way we can know what we are looking for and thus focus more on these aspects and also produce more better illustrated photos on the topic. Either way this trip have been a very fun and interesting one and I hope SST would make more of these trips.