Maps Of Singapore River

Drawings of a Scaled Map

This picture shows the map of part of Singapore River. It is similar to the map we used to trail around the River. These are some of the many landmarks we have found during our trail. They are: Old Parliament House, Victoria Concert Hall, Raffles Landing Site and the Asian Civilization Museum. The scale on the map is 100m to 2cm. 

Google Maps

This is a screen shot taken from google maps. The Blue arrows and lines shows the road path. During the trail while traveling from A to B, we found many interesting models and things. Passing a few bridges


This is another screen shot taken from google maps. The red boxes indicate the land marks alongside the river. They are:  Fulleton Hotel, Asian Civilisation Museum, Raffles Landing Site, Victoria Concert Hall, Boat Quay and The Old Parliament House. To know more about them, flip to the next page.